The Flow (Naomi Raine) TRIBL

There’s a sound
A sound of worship
Flowing from us
Rivers of our praise
We lift your name
And it’s resounding
You’re responding
To every word we say

Just like the sound
of many waters
Let your word rush over us
Come with your strength
Lord, come in power
Overtake our hearts

Let it flow, let it flow
Holy Spirit, we’re desperate
Let it flow, overflow
Saturate us with
Your Glory, Lord

Living water flow
Pour your Spirit out
Cover every soul
Drenching every heart
What a joy we’ve found
Let’s repeat the sound
We will sing it loud
Whoooaaaa ohh ohhh

Words and Music by Naomi Raine & G. Morris Coleman. It is from ReFRESH Worship’s debut album “The Flow” released April 22nd, 2022.

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