I Say Yes (Kim Walker-Smith)

“I Say Yes” by Kim Walker-Smith is a Christian worship song that speaks to the power of surrendering to God’s will and trusting in His plan. The song is an invitation to lay down our burdens and fully trust in God’s sovereignty and goodness. The song is composed of three verses and a chorus that is repeated throughout the song. The lyrics are filled with praise and adoration for God and how He can be trusted in all things. Walker-Smith encourages the listener to surrender their worries and fears, knowing that God will take care of them and make all things new. The song is full of hope and assurance that God will always be with us and will never leave us alone.

Tear down these idols,
and every stronghold
Tear down all judgement,
and all of my pride
Tear down religion,
and all my self-righteousness
I want an encounter,
a real encounter

I say yes, yes, yes to Your love,
yes to Your freedom
I say yes, God, yes to Your heart,
and all of Your healing
Your ways are higher,
Lord I surrender
I come to You just as I am,
and say yes, yes to Jesus

I come to you open,
God I am ready
For all that You promised,
for all that You are
So pour out Your Spirit,
pour out Your presence now
I want an encounter,
a real encounter
Lord I am desperate,
for a real encounter

You will rebuild
You will restore
God, I believe
You are who You say You are

We say yes, we say yes to You Jesus

Words and Music by Kim Walker-Smith, Jonas Myrin, Jordan Frye, Release Date July 16, 2021

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