Where Would I Be? (Maverick City Music) TRIBL

I’ve got a testimony
That I want you to know
I should be a dead man
But He saved this sinner’s soul
Some say it’s impossible
To do what He did
But look where I was
And look where I am

Where would I be
without Your mercy
Where would I be
without Your grace
Where would I be
without Your favor
One thing’s for certain
Your hand’s on me
One thing’s for certain
Your hand’s on me

I can see it all around me
I’ve got my health and my strength
When I look at my family
Can’t help but see the evidence
Some think that we’re crazy
To praise like we praise
But as they look back
Then they’ll do the same

Never let me go
Never let me go

Your hand’s in front of me
Behind me
All around me

Words and Music by Ryan Ofei, Demond Reed, Grace Marr, Brandon Lake, Aaron Moses & Dante Bowe. It is from Tribl Records’ newest album, ‘Tribl Nights Anthologies’ released April 29th, 2022

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