Things Of Heaven (Elyssa Smith) Red Rocks Worship

Something is coming
I feel the wind blowing
With mystery
Things unseen
The tides are now changing
I see the dawn breaking
It’s happening
The awakening

Come, Holy Spirit come
Hover over us
Holy Spirit come

Open the heavens
fling wide the gates
Unleash Your presence
pour out Your grace
Show me Your glory
the power of Your love
Cause even a glimpse is
more than enough for me

You’re willing and able
You’re making a table in front of me
Before my enemies
You’re mighty to save
and You’re making a way
To do so much more than
we’ve known before

We’re gonna see those
dry bones dancing
We’re gonna see the
strongholds bow
We’re gonna see the things
of heaven here, now
We’re gonna see a new revival
We’re gonna see Your
kingdom pow’r
We’re gonna see the things of
heaven here, now

Words and Music by Kory Miller, Jake Espy, Tyler Roberts, Bede Benjamin-Korpora, Aodhan King © 2020 Songs of Red Rocks Worship Publishing / Be Essential Songs (BMI); Red Rocks Worship / All Essential Music (ASCAP) (admin. at; SHOUT MP Carrington / Capitol CMG Paragon (BMI); SHOUT MP Brio (BMI) (admin. at

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