We offer refund on our single bundled products on Store.

But we don’t offer refund for Amen Vault product as described on product page. Why? Because you will access everything and become the owner of all our contents. If you want to see our contents first, you can try free downloads or just purchase any single bundle. Those kind of products on our store are refundable but not the Amen Vault.

Well, here’s the simple steps to refund:

  1. Go to > My Account > Orders
  2. Select the order number of the product you want to refund.
  3. Select the ellipsis icon (three dots) next to the order total column. This opens a prompt to Request a Refund. If you do not see the ellipsis icon, it means the 14-day period has passed.
  4. Click the link to Request a refund. A Refund Request Form displays.
  5. Add refund notes, if desired.
  6. Select Request Refund.

An automated response confirming receipt is sent to your email address associated with the account.

PS: Corresponding charges will be deducted by PayPal and this is automated transaction. You need to manually refund orders to create ticket and succeed.

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