Your Love is Beautiful 21 Favorite Worship Songs


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21 Premium Worship Songs
3 layout designs on each songs
Slide Master editable templates
Clear, Simple and Visibly Large
Customized for Easy Live Presentation
Modern 16:9 Aspect Ratio
High Quality Visual Images
For Churchwide and Small Groups
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List of PowerPoint Songs in this Bundle
1. Your Love Is Beautiful (Hillsong)
2. Fear Is Not My Future (Tasha Cobbs Leonard) Todd Galberth
3. One Thing Remains (Jesus Culture)
4. You Are God Alone (Integrity’s)
5. Surrounded (Fight My Battles) UPPERROOM
6. My Savior Lives (New Life Worship)
7. In Christ Alone (Keith Getty-Townend)
8. It is Well (Kristene DiMarco)
9. For Who You Are (Hillsong Worship)
10. Leave Me Astounded (Planetshakers)
11. Our God Reigns (Generation Unleashed)
12. Everything That Has Breath (Hillsong)
13. Sanctuary (Lord Prepare Me) Scruggs, Thompson
14. Joy (Planetshakers)
15. Shout Of The King (Hillsong)
16. Shout Your Fame (Hillsong)
17. Take Courage (Kristene DiMarco)
18. I Just Want To Worship (Kristene DiMarco)
19. God Is Here (Darlene Zschech)
20. In Your Hands (Hillsong)
21. What The Lord Has Done In Me (Hillsong)

More Features:

This product bundle is a PPTX Worship premium version with Slide Master where you can edit the main layout, re-use and create new songs using the same format. 100% Editable PowerPoint Template. No website watermark logo. You can add your own images as part of background layout options. You may also add your church logo. Fonts are beautifully selected, clean, large, simple and readable. Lyrics are editable. Customized for Easy Live Presentation in Modern 16:9 Aspect Ratio. High Quality Visual Images. All files are direct download from our Google One cloud drive. You may access your purchased product in your My Account for one year.

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Your Love is Beautiful 21 Favorite Worship Songs PowerPoint slides worship hymns and songsYour Love is Beautiful 21 Favorite Worship Songs
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