How to create an account and access all downloads?

Hi. How are you? Here in the Philippines, COVID-19 is now on its second wave. Now dealing with Delta and Omicron variants, hoping this pandemic will soon pass.

This website is a product of pandemic. I improve my web designing skills because of quarantines and lockdowns. As a pastor and a father, this site aims to, well, to add value and beauty to churches, but also to augment the needs of “our daily bread”.

I ask you to take a peek. Try to download some free songs to test the site and the system. And you may help me improve by sending feedback.

Also, I have a special offer to you.

I am giving you a LIFETIME FULL ACCESS to all our worship songs and ALL RESOURCES in our vault with a very discounted ONE-TIME-PAYMENT price!!!

YES! You can also download everything we will publish in the future. Unlimited digital downloads in one place. Show the slides to your church and to all ministries of your church.

Let me mention also that you may request the songs you will be singing that are not available on our library, and we will create them for you!

Really? Yes.

For life? Yes.

By God’s grace, this simple site will become a strong company in the making – will stay longer on earth than we are! 🙂 By God’s grace.

Here a short video of what’s inside the Amen Vault. This will guide you how to register an account, navigate our system and download files. Watch if you are interested.

Any Questions? Visit Amen Vault Worship Tools on product page for FAQs.

Access and download everything by becoming a subscriber of the Amen Vault Worship Tools package in a discounted price. Buy at Store.

Thank you very much.

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