Good (Can’t Be Anything Else) Cody Carnes

You are good
In all things perfect
Oh I can trust Your promise
I’ve never seen you turn away

You have loved me undeserving
Oh I have seen Your mercy
Follow me all my days

Oh it doesn’t make sense
How Your love is so good
You called me Your friend
And I thought I was too far gone
Now I know
You’re never gonna let me go

You are good
And You can only be good
You can’t be anything else
You can’t be anything else

Hindsight’s always 20-20
I can look behind me
And see just how far I’ve come

You’ve saved me from the brink of falling
Mercy shutting doors before me
Now I see all the good You’ve done

When it doesn’t make sense
And the future’s unsure
I look at my past
And I see You there all along
So I know
You’re never gonna let me go

You’re good today
You’ll be good tomorrow
You’ve always been good on Your promise
I know that every good thing comes from You

We celebrate your goodness God
You’re good, You’re good

Words and Music by Cody and Aodhan King Carnes © Premiered August 19, 2022

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